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Dil Okulları

Kanada'nın Dil Okullarının birinden dil kursu almak istiyorsanız uzman danışmanlarımız bir tık uzağınızda. İhtiyacınız olan her şeyi öğrenmek için aşağıdaki formu doldurmanız yeterli.

Canada’s language schools are the best places to study English and get yourself in a country which is completely different from all the others in the world including the US, UK and Australia. After all, Canada is world renowned for the diversity of our people, our dual English and French identity, the beauty of our landscapes and our excellent academic standards.

Language schools in Canada from East Coast to West offer high quality instruction no matter which kind of program you receive. IELTS, General English, Academic English, Pathway Programs or even TESOL Certificate programs are delivered by well-educated experts in every school.

Language school options and opportunities

Believe it or not, but this counter offers the greatest number of options to his students when it comes to learning English or French or taking courses which supports international students to enter a Canadian University or College. While some come to Canada to continue  their further education after learning English, some may prefer to gain competitive advantage in their home country.

When you come to Canada for language studies, you can expect:

  • A focused approach

  • High-quality teaching that guarantees results

  • To learn English or French, so you can study or live in Canada

You will be surprised about the number of language schools here in Canada. Especially for French language course, we need to emphasize that you can learn this language in the  cities where French is the first language of local people.

Our accredited language schools

We know that it is challenging to decide the right school while you are residing out of Canada as you may not know the qualities of existing schools here, but you can stop worrying about it. Our language school partners in Canada are under the warranty of ApplyBoard and we serve our students with 39 top language schools with more than 400 programs. 

The schools that we work with ensure the quality of:

  • Student services

  • Teaching staff

  • Program of study (curriculum)  

  • Marketing, promotion and administration

  • Student admissions

The types of programs that language schools offer include:

  • English or French test preparation (common tests include IELTSTOEFLTEF Canada or TCF)

  • Summer camps

  • Business or technical English and French

  • Language instruction to prepare for college or university

  • Teacher training programs (common programs include CELTATESLTESOL or CEFLE)

Language skills are essential to enter a post-secondary program in Canada

Many language schools prepare international students to attend college or university in Canada.



Educational requirements

To enroll in a language school, you’ll need to take a test to assess your skill level in English or French. Based on that test, the school will suggest a course of study. Most language schools offer courses based on weeks of study, not a semester or monthly course.


How to enroll in a language school

Each language school has its own enrollment process. Some language schools offer housing, while others offer homestay experiences for younger students. This means the child or young person will live with a Canadian family. 

  • Students 18 and over: You must apply for a study permit from the Government of Canada to attend a language school in Canada.

  • Minor children (under 18): If your child attends a language school in Canada, you may need to apply for a special study permit.

You may also contact the language school you plan to attend. They will be able to answer your questions about fees and study permits. It can take up to 3 months to obtain a study permit depending on your home country, so be sure to plan ahead.

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